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Parasites of society

When one organism lives off another organism without benefitting it, we call that parasitism. In nature, parasites often only consume an optimal part of the production output of an organism, preferably without the host noticing. Parasites target a balance between their gain and danger to the host. Taking too much can endanger the ecosystem of the parasites. In society, there are whole classes of people with little output of their own, some wielding great power without responsibility. As we see the divide between rich and poor growing, the classes of societal parasites are growing too. This puts a growing strain on humanity and nature, which we can observe ourselves.

Inequality is rising

For example, why are we in a state of continual and increasing destruction of nature in our nature obsessed cultures? This is a painful observation, knowing that this rampage is unnecessary with our modern technologies. We live in times of a growing divide between poor and rich, in a period of economic stagnation. The middle east and third world are a mess. All while the rich enjoy their luxuries made from stock market operations that serve no purpose for society.

Productivity vs Wages

The people in the West live in extremely productive societies. Together these societies produce all kinds of products. The health and ease of life has increased dramatically for most inhabitants. With this much progression, there are going to be negative side effects. Nature’s suffering is one of them. But the scale of destruction is blown up by parasites that do not participate in the work. The superfluous production is consumed by greed, where it could have been used for the protection of nature and helping others. When I look around, I don’t see a society that is willing to support them much longer. We simply don’t produce efficiently enough to benefit all those who do not participate. To be honest, this includes both the top and the bottom of society! Both are living off the greater good without producing something for it. If you find this an offensive statement, well, I think this is neither a left- or right-wing opinion, at least I consider myself neither.

In this current situation, everyone loses. Individual talents are wasted in poverty, the human species is more destructive and less resourceful being parasitised. If all layers of society get to provide optimally, we are all better off. But the fear of loss of possessions that comes with honest competition is suffocating the western elites, forcing them to preserve their status and way of life in the shadows - too afraid to honestly lose their wealth, holding on, like true parasites. The climate scare is a big part in that. The parasites have taken over the mind of the host. It would have been a service to humanity if the oil lobby decided to research futuristic energy sources, like thorium fluoride reactors. Yes, it would mean a sacrifice of power, which will be repaid fully with respect and love. Imagine if we would wield our capitalistic powers for the good, for once. Right now, we are losing numerous unique ecosystems with thousands of irreplaceable species of life on earth - and the parasites make sure there is no effective fight against it.